October 28, 2015. Served some baked goods and drinks. The best plant box along Mother Ignacia 😉, and a nice wall art…then road workers.

As our operations gets developed, interns helped and adapted well. Part-timers came at night–it was a bit scary outside–it felt safer with them. Friends and/or customers gave us gifts (food, artworks, etc.) and words of encouragement; we received lots of coffee beans–plus regular supply of Vietnam coffee 😁. On our official opening (03Dec15) and blessing day, we invited close friends, shared our journey into becoming “respite.”

Each day we met new customers, they wanted more stuff; we had baking workshops for kids and adults, expanded our menu. Red Velvet Cupcakes, Dark Choco Chunk Cookies, and Panna Cottas are our regulars’ choice. Coffee from Mt. Apo pleased customers; and our (secret recipe) Hot Chocolate was a favorite.

The flowering plants in front made our days brighter. Rolly Boga, Goro and Gekorr kept us company; some paintings and zines (by @denvergarza @ev.yu @steph.chu) entertained us. After joining two Local Loca bazaars and one 10aAlabama fair; road workers started digging.

We were inaccessible…worried.

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