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Our Team

Why do we have nice photos in this page?
Jes bakes all products and brings it to a reliable studio in QC, to be captured by Sophia from Glasslove Photography, with the help and art direction of Pauline from Shirts by TALA. This team makes our photos look as good as it taste.

Baking and Product Development Team
Jes is a home-baker (for 5 years now), she studied Pastry Art at Heny Sison Culinary School. You may contact her for orders, baking workshops, or baking related consultation. Mary and Lita are assistant bakers. They are a duo who’s passionate about baking, both are skilled home-cooks and boasts a clean kitchen which you can visit–upon request.

Design and Marketing Team
Sophia handles our photography, and copy-writes for our social media pages; she is a freelance photographer, and sometimes does hosting gigs. Pauline takes care of our graphic design needs, and also provides printing services; she is a freelance graphic designer and art director. Together they function like a design-marketing studio to communicate our brand better.

Administration and Logistics Team
Sylvette does all pricing and costing of jesbakes’ goods; she is a barista at respite and is believed to be a genius. Dre is our financial manager; she works full time in a construction company, and is knowledgeable about property management stuff. They deliver our baked goods, and also made this website (but they are not developers/designers).

*Jes, Sophia, Pauline, Sylvette and Dre are business partners
*All of them act as Sales Team and gets profit shares
*Mary and Lita receives profit shares too
*You are supporting 7 people whenever you buy products from us
*Yes, we are a small business

*Disclaimer: some photos in this page are not by Sophia and Pauline