Our Team

Baking and Product Development Team
Jes is a “home-baker,” she studied Pastry Art at Heny Sison Culinary School. You may contact her for orders, baking workshops, or baking related consultation. Mary and Lita are assistant bakers. They are a duo who’s passionate about baking, both are skilled home-cooks and boasts a clean kitchen which you can visit–upon request (but not while there’s a pandemic, sorry). Dre is the newest addition to their team, as assistant “cake designer.”

Design and Marketing Team
Sophia handles our photography, and copy-writes for our social media pages; she is a freelance photographer, and sometimes does hosting gigs. Pauline takes care of our graphic design needs, and also provides printing services; she is a freelance graphic designer and art director. Together they function like a design-marketing studio to communicate our brand better.

Administration and Logistics Team
Sylvette does all pricing and costing of jesbakes’ goods; she is a barista at respite. Dre is our finance manager; she works full time in a construction company, and is knowledgeable about property management stuff. They deliver our baked goods, and also made this website (but they are not developers/designers, thanks wordpress).

Jes, Dre, Pauline, Sophia, and Sylvette are business partners. They all get profit shares, including Lita and Mary. You are supporting 7 people directly whenever you buy products from us; and yes, we are a “microbusiness.” Your purchase goes a long way. Thank you.

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