I’m Jes. A dedicated baker. I’ve been a “home-baker” for 7 years now; baking not too sweet cakes, cookies and flavorful pastries for everyone.

I bake our products with the help of Mary and Lita; whom I have trained for the past 4 years. They are both passionate bakers, that puts quality first in all they do.

We have transformed our living room (roughly 18 sqm) into what we call “jesbakes’ commissary.” There, you will find a medium sized convection oven, a small table top convection oven, a small stand mixer, a hand mixer, two medium sized refrigerators, three kitchen weighing scales; and lots of pans, trays, spatulas, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and other baking things.

So, our “commissary” is small, this is why we require 2 – 3 days lead time from our clients, and at least 5 days lead time for special cakes; to schedule baking days, and provide enough storage for all orders, while making sure they are freshly made upon pick up or delivery.

For your desired baked goods and inquiries, you may contact us at +639175035657 (text, call, viber) 😁

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