About Us

Hi, I’m Jes. A dedicated baker. I’ve been a “home-baker” for 7 years now; baking not too sweet cakes, cookies and flavorful pastries for everyone.

I bake our products with the help of Mary and Lita; whom I have trained for the past 4 years. They are both passionate bakers, that puts quality first in all they do.

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Our Team

Why do we have nice photos in this page?

Jes brings our products to a reliable studio (Monoxide Works) in QC, to be captured by Sophia from Glasslove Photography, with the help and graphic design work of Pauline from Shirts by TALA. This team makes our photos look as good as it taste.

Disclaimer: Not all photos in this website are from Sophia and Pauline, some are from our clients.

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