jesbakes blueberry cream cake with lemon cream cheese filling swiss meringue icing and buttercream flowers


Sample Price List

* Moist Chocolate Ganache Cake starts at Php395
* Japanese Cheesecake starts at Php460
* Yogurt Cheesecake starts at Php550
* Vanilla Buttercream Cake starts at Php570
* Vanilla Cream Cheese Cake starts at Php620
* Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cake starts at Php720
* Blueberry Cheesecake starts at Php725 
* Matcha Cream Cheese Cake starts at Php790

These are just some of our products, you may contact us for inquiries, custom cakes, theme cakes, wedding cakes or whatever bake goods you have in mind. We also have readily available products at our online shop. Thank you.