Sweet & Bold



335g coffee beans ₱495

Mt Apo Coffee

Shipment is ₱45 within Metro Manila,
and ₱125 Provincial up to 3bags.
Send payments to savings account
BPI 4109019785 or
BDO 001120416289.
Product arrives 2-3days
after confirmation.

Thank You 😘


We also offer same day delivery through
on demand 🛵 delivery service.
#SweetAndBold will arrive in an hour or two.

I’d like to fill up and submit the form below 😁

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I want Sweet & Bold coffee beans today 😃

I will message through facebook, instagram or 09285214513.

Send it through on demand delivery service, and I’ll just pay the driver’s fee when s/he arrives. This actually helps me save time–spent on commute–and money by paying less and enjoying more delicious coffee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯