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These are just some of our products, you may contact us for inquiries, custom cakes, theme cakes, wedding cakes or whatever bake goods you have in mind. We also have readily available products at our online shop. Thank you.

Sample Price List

* Matcha White Choocolate Php455
* Peanut Butter Blueberry Php455
* Dark Chocolate Macadamia Php535

BARS 10pcs
* Matcha Coco Php455
* Red Velvet Macaroon Php455
* Dulce de Leche Lemon Php535

Chewy & Chunky Cookies respite
12pcs assorted Php435
* Dark Choco Chunk
* Choco Chip
* Oatmeal Molasses Walnut

Chewy & Chunky Bars respite
10pcs assorted Php435
* Fudge Brownie
* Dulce Coco Bar
* Revel Bar