Our Teams

Baking and Product Development

Lita and Mary are assistant bakers. They are a duo who is passionate about baking. Both are skilled home-cooks, and boasts a clean kitchen which you can visit–upon request. (They didn’t agree to have their photos taken, and posted here–we respect that.)

Design and Marketing

Together they function like a design-marketing studio to communicate our brand better.

Administration and Logistics

Dre and Jes handles our accounting aside from the commissary. Dre works in a construction company, and is knowledgeable about property management stuff. While Jes is very passionate about fitness and skin care, ask her for some advice.

Dre and Sylvette delivers your orders, and they made this website as well (but they’re not developers or designers, thanks WordPress).

Dre, Jes, Pauline, Sophia, and Sylvette are business partners. They all get profit shares, including Lita and Mary. You are supporting 7 people directly whenever you buy products from us; and yes, we are a “microbusiness.” Your purchase goes a long way. Thank you.

Do you have something in mind? Send us a message. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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